Writing tools

I use 3 different computers on a daily basis, several phones, and a couple tablets- all part of the job.

I use a handful of digital writing tools- Text Edit, Pages, Notion, Confluence, and Gutenberg (WordPress, which this website is using). I’m intrigued by others- such as ClickUp and Roam.

I really think taking notes is one of the most important practices. Writing is a skill that must always be practices- it’s the foundation of communication. There’s no substitute for clear and concise writing. Any tool that helps you achieve this will do.

Personally, I still learn towards hand written notes in meetings. It’s slower, but that might be a benefit. When forced to write clearly and concisely you must think hard about what to write down.

Here are some of my writing journals. Seems like I’m on the ever quest to find the perfect one.

MD Paper

For me, it’s all about

  • paper quality
  • paper thickness (or using a pen that doesn’t bleed through the back)
  • size (big enough for notes, small enough to be easy to tote around)
  • page flipping (lie flat is preferred)

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