Active Life Goes On

Saving those who served.

Peter Harsch is among the top prosthetists around the globe, with an incredible reputation known throughout the U.S. Military and among amputees worldwide. His hands are like gold and can fit amputees with more precision than pretty much anyone working in the field. Peter was the No. 1 prosthetist at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, CA one of the busiest places active military are sent after losing a limb in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Yet after 6 years of serving injured military at the Naval Medical Center, Peter decided that he had more to give. Bureaucratic red tape was a major obstacle in providing the level of innovative care he envisioned. He decided to found Peter Harsch Prosthetics, and immediately contacted us for support with image, branding, and a video showcasing his talents and team.

Many had gone through the same experience of stepping on an IED and losing multiple limbs.

We worked with the PHP team to develop their voice and bring that to the small screen. First, we completed a project brief to define who they are, what comprises their DNA, and why they’re serving patients privately. We also helped them define their target customer governments and began creating a mini documentary that would live front and center on their website.

Our team spent a lot of time with Peter & Co. at his office, which feels more like a coffee shop than a medical center because of the genuine warmth and creative energy in the air. It was clear that culture was a top priority to the PHP team, and all the patients are close with one another. Many had gone through similar experiences of stepping on an IED and losing multiple limbs. The PHP crew felt like family caring for each other but not shy about roasting someone, either.

The documentary would revolve around three patients and Peter himself, weaving together four complex stories into a four-minute documentary that artfully intertwined the storylines with action shots, compelling narratives, and upbeat music to underscore PHP’s message of progress and possibility.

Our plan: to shoot everything in 2 days in San Diego not a small task in video production when you?re working with four characters, each involving an interview and subsequent b-roll scenes. We pre-interviewed each subject to get a feel for their basic story, but we would also organically play off the emotions of each person as we delved deeper into their story. Interviews almost always precede B-roll scenes as they can provide insights into shooting styles and material that can be shot immediately afterwards.

Peter Harsch Prosthetics now uses the video as an introduction to prospective clients, and has experienced tremendous growth as a result. In just a few short minutes, PHP is able to show their story, demonstrate how they operate, and showcase the tremendous skill Peter possesses. They’ve since contracted to serve multiple international governments’ Wounded Warriors programs. These contracts involve multi-year agreements that have produced millions of dollars in revenues for PHP.