Futures Fins: Project Morpheus

Futures Fins Project Morpheus Poster

Made in the USA.

Futures Fins designs and manufactures the most advanced fin systems for surfing and other water sports in the world. Futures is a family owned and operated business founded by two engineers who saw an area in need of attention. Using this knowledge, the Futures founders were able to design the best fins in the world and push the boundaries of water sports.

Futures was started in 1996 and has grown each year for the last two decades. In 2016, Futures launced a groundbreaking fin design and manufacturing process where everything was handled in-house, in Huntington Beach, CA. They call it Morpheus, as it’s an ever changing and improving process that they can hand tool and engineer each day in the warehouse behind their main office.

Futures Fins Morpheus Stamp
Futures Fins Morpheus Red Dragon Ronin

While the proximity of the designers and engineers, both of whom test the product regularly means the entire process is more efficient. This represents a dramatic improvement in the build of surfing fins. Couple with the fact that they are all made in the USA and costs about half of what other state of the art fins do, Morpheus is the biggest project in the 20+ year history of Futures Fin.Futures Fins Red Dragon Cinema Camera Canon Zoom LensThe Morpheus process is one unlike any other. To build it, Futures pioneered new processes, innovative manufacturing techniques, and essentially rethought how to make fins. In order to show the magnitude of this progression and impact, we decided to show how it all comes together.Futures Fins Morpheus Alpha FinThe final product was used as the main creative element on a microsite designed by Futures for Morpheus and everything under the Morpheus umbrella. Futures also leveraged additional edits for social media used by Futures, international subsidiaries, distributors and company endorsed athletes.