Barney & Barney

Insuring success.

Barney & Barney is a 100 year old insurance firm and the largest of it’s kind in San Diego. With 4 offices throughout California and annual revenues more than $100MM they are no small fish. However, they wanted to grow as much as they have in the last 50 years, in the next 10 years – a big feat and one that needed support in new ways and a versatility to match.

Barney & Barney serves businesses in many different segments. Their customers are vast and unique, they have no “standard” offerings. Their marketing needs, therefor, are just as unique. The challenge with this project was that they needed something that could speak to a number of potential customers – as no two would be the same. One sales representative could be selling E&O insurance while the next could be selling corporate benefits. From the beginning, we knew this project would have to be top level, visionary, appealing and intriguing.

we knew this project would have to be top level, visionary, appealing and intriguing.

We worked with Barney & Barney on creating a small team inside their organization and would limit creative input to our two groups. We allowed everyone to participate in the Project Brief, but kept the creative unit small thereafter. Our first task was to establish some sort of design look/feel/mood.BB-bts1 BB-bts2

We next moved into designing a few frames with our approved script in hand. Working through this allowed us to visually get a top look overview of?how our?story was shaping up, and if it matched the script. We then moved into animated these still frames and began to bring everything to life, with music. Music has an underlying value to visual projects that is often overlooked and under valued. We knew the music would play a huge part in how the audience received this message.BB-storyboardThe final product would be shown before Barney & Barney representatives keynote speech addresses, company wide events and their largest annual fundraiser Rock the Foundation which host more than 3,000 people.BB-bts3