arc light movie theater

Repositioning Story.

ArcLight Theaters offers movie goers the highest experience- clean environment, quality food and drink, and reserved seating set them apart. They also offer minimal trailers before a feature. Everything they do is ultimately to service their guest’s experience.

arc light family journeyWe were asked to put together and edit a series of pre existing renders, add some voice over and present a polished product. Great, we can do that! But where’s the story in that? We knew we could bring more to the table and engage our audience on a deeper level.

We knew we could do more.

We had to concept a story in that would live in just :30 seconds and on a 40? screen, with incredible 5.1 surround sound. There was little room for mistake.

We drafted scripts, pitched our story and got the green light. We went from something simple and standard to something extraordinary, and then it was time to execute: location scout, cast actors and gather our crew.

commercial storyboard