Men of March

The Back Story. College Basketball is more than a game. It’s a sporting environment unlike any other. Hero’s are made and Legends are born. The fans are incredible and the alumni never let you down. No other sport brings you closer to the court for those in attendance or watching on TV. In 2016, CBS… Continue reading Men of March

X-1 Audio

A brand new face. By the time H20Audio approached us, they already had an existing brand successfully selling waterproof headphones for over a decade. But in 2012, they made the strategic decision to broaden their original customer base of water sports athletes, expanding to include athletes performing in all sports. Leveraging their technology and expertise… Continue reading X-1 Audio

Housecall Pro

The App for Homeowners. Housecall is a new app that gives people trusted series professionals at their fingertips. The ability for homeowners to have a shortlist of trusted professionals, many who work on-demand, is a huge benefit and something that was previously unavailable. Each service is categorized by type which makes navigating the app seamless.… Continue reading Housecall Pro

Active Life Goes On

Saving those who served. Peter Harsch is among the top prosthetists around the globe, with an incredible reputation known throughout the U.S. Military and among amputees worldwide. His hands are like gold and can fit amputees with more precision than pretty much anyone working in the field. Peter was the No. 1 prosthetist at the… Continue reading Active Life Goes On

Westfield: Destination Home

  In a city that naturally offers so much: weather, active lifestyle, healthy eating, sports, beaches, mountains and more, the center piece for it all, Westfield UTC, says thank you to those who call it home. The premiere real estate property in the United States for Westfield has undergone a 3 phase remodel with a… Continue reading Westfield: Destination Home

Helping Haitian Angels

Fundraising for Good. It was like we never left, standing in the soaking midday heat of the Haiti airport surrounded by our photography equipment, carefully packed in huge luggage cases. We had stumbled off our red eye feeling tired but determined. Customs was out of the way and our ride was nowhere to be found.… Continue reading Helping Haitian Angels

Futures Fins: Project Morpheus

Made in the USA. Futures Fins designs and manufactures the most advanced fin systems for surfing and other water sports in the world. Futures is a family owned and operated business founded by two engineers who saw an area in need of attention. Using this knowledge, the Futures founders were able to design the best… Continue reading Futures Fins: Project Morpheus

Ricky Whitlock: L-1, T-12

Can’t Stop Surfing. Ricky Whitlock, 25, is a professional surfer from Carlsbad, CA who had been traveling to Hawaii every year since he was 13 years old without incident. While surfing before his competition heat one morning, he paddled into an averaged sized wave at the famed Banzai Pipeline and broke his back in two… Continue reading Ricky Whitlock: L-1, T-12