What’s a Computer?

Apple announced a series of new devices yesterday, and they continue to blue the lines between computer, tablet, and phone. They released a Pro version of the iPad with a pretty impressive display and a M1 chip- the same chip that powers their new computers. 

A device this portable, available with a keyboard, built in cameras, and 5G cellular for communication anywhere. Developers will no doubt be unlocked to do pretty impressive things with this new tool.

In a filmmaking context, this is a portable, professional display that can be taken on set, on location, and… anywhere really. It enables video conferencing and color calibration.

It used to be that you had to go to a professional color house in Los Angeles or New York. Then software advancing made this available to the masses. The trick was the display you would color on- and in this context, your film project never looked that good again. Displays are calibrated differently, or older, or lower resolution, or the ambient lighting is poor.

Now imagine having one of the best displays available on set, with LUTs giving you an accurate preview of what the camera is capturing. 

The barriers to entry continue to fall.

Moreover, many end users and audiences will have this exact same display when watching the content. Couple this with the iPhone pairing to calibrate your home TV and all of a sudden the bar is raised, all while the barriers to entry continue to fall.

So, what’s the difference between a computer, tablet, and phone… they’re all very much the same thing and the lines are getting blurrier. 

There’s now more opportunity than ever, go get it.

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