Welcome to the new TAR Productions site

It’s an all new tarproductions.com, and I’m really excited to share it with you.

The biggest change is that this website is no longer focused on a storytelling & video production services. It’s more my personal space & blog. I hope to blog often.

I used to blog to chase metrics:

  • Page views
  • SEO
  • User signups

I found myself optimizing for a large internet search engine and not for the user/reader/customer. This meant that blog posts were 4,000 words of mostly filler. Keyword stuffed and stretched out to make bots happy.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that strategy (other that it actually sucks to be a consumer of one of those pages). But it didn’t feel true to myself.

I’d like to focus on shorter, more meaningful posts to share with the world. And if it’s good, I hope you’ll share it with your fiends.

Why the change?

It was time for change. My views have evolved, as has my main source of income. This is now a space for my thoughts, which I hope you’ll enjoy but keep in mind I’m mostly writing for myself here.


wordpress blog speed comparison
Lighthouse performance improvement for new site design.

The website is still on the great WordPress platform. It’s much simpler now (sorta reflecting my views on tech), with a lot less. Less plugins, less javascript, less pages, and less asking (or CTAs) to readers.

I hope the experience is better and that it’s faster.

I hope the great writing experience fosters consistency on this blog.


I pretty much never look at the analytics, but when I did I was shocked to see what reach this website currently has. I didn’t realize that this blog has helped so many people, and my sharing of budget templates and open sourcing contracts is immensely popular- you can download those here.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy.

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