Website Face Lift

Hello, and welcome to our new site! While it’s not a complete redesign, we rebuilt it from the ground up, keeping the same basic layout and style, but updating the design. The site now runs much faster, is sleeker, and more intuitive. We’ve simplified the overall feel, with less clutter, putting an emphasis on the projects themselves. (Which is why we call it a website face lift). Speaking of which, we’ve added a completely new player. The new player works across all browsers and mobile, too. It will run HTML5 if your browser supports it, with a built in Flash player as a backup. We’ve optimized our compression specs to bring you great quality videos in true High Definition. There are several other little things we spend days on to make your overall experience better on our site, like the new Contact Us form and slideshow on the About Us page.

Happy 2012, we hope this is the best year yet for you! Welcome to the new TAR PRODUCTIONS.

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