Voice Search

Search and indexing have a long history in the digital world. Initially, there were several search sites competing for user dominance before Google’s reign*.

TV remotes that allowed voice commands were a step in the right direction for cable companies, despite the experience being less than perfect compared to their clunky interfaces.

While Alexa, Siri, and Google have been around for a while, they are continuously improving. However, they still have limitations and are mostly geared towards simple inputs.

The shift in user behavior towards voice-based search might be slow and generational. Younger generations, like my kids, can’t type yet, but they can effortlessly speak commands and inquiries. For them, speaking will be the default way of interacting with technology.

As product developers, it’s crucial to adapt and meet users where they are, considering their preferred methods of interaction.

*FWIW I’ve long been a user of DuckDuckGo as my personal search engine. It’s great.

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