Everything is a Remix Pt. 4

Kirby Ferguson is at it again with his Everything is a Remix series. He’s just released part 4 and completed the series in a fantastic fashion. In what I’d say is the most entertaining and informative of the series, part 4 focuses on law. More specifically copyright, trademark and intellectual property. It’s pretty fascinating to see both points of views – for and against protection – from some major players, such as Disney and Steve Jobs, at different points in their career.
What’s also interesting is the summary of why these laws were originally written and how they’ve been interpreted over a couple hundred years. Hope you enjoy.

Afternoon Delight

One of the most interesting facets about production right now is the feasibility and accessibility of quality production equipment. One of our recent videos was partially shot on an iPhone 4S – and matched up pretty well, too, with a range of 3-chip cameras and DSLRs. The availability is only going to increase production value, whether is be to add a second (or third or forth) camera angle, the intimacy provided without holding a large camera setup, or the sheer number of people who can call themselves digital filmmakers. GoPro has been pushing the boundaries since their inception, along with a slew of others, such as camera phone makers Nokia (N8) and Apple (iPhone), Contour HD and various lipstick cameras.

Cody Caldwell has taken his GoPro and combined his cinema and surfing talents together around his home break and has recently caught the attention of some big outlets (both Vimeo and GoPro themselves). If GoPro’s reel, and Vimeo’s prestigious HD channel is anything to go off of, this is no small feat.

The other empowering facet is leveraging the marketing potential. While Cody and several others are simply recording their everyday life magic moments are being captured and potentially used in new marketing techniques that are in their infancy or have yet to be discovered. Somewhere, sometime, the right person will see a shot and contact the artist/owner directly to assist in the marketing creation. If the infamous Car Ollie and subsequent copycat campaigns provides any insight, then my guess is that it’s going to happen sooner rather than later, and at an increasing frequency.

Here’s Cody Caldwell’s Afternoon Delight.


The Internet is about to break. Our privacy is about to be controlled. The Internet is about to grounded like a 13-year-old punk with a bad attitude. As you may have heard, the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect-IP Act (PIPA) threaten the many glorious freedoms of the web and the communities that have risen from it.
Both acts face serious opposition from all kinds of free-thinking people (including the President of the United States), but the fight isn’t over.
We need you to take action right now to make sure these censorship-enabling bills don’t pass.

Sign the petition here. Watch an informative video below.

NASA Earth Time Lapse


NASA, an organization that continues to push the boundaries in science and imagery, is out with a fantastic new time lapse of the earth. At 5 minutes long, this piece covers every part of the globe. This piece in particular was shot on a special low-light 4k camera from an approximate altitude of 350km above Earth. You can read more details on location and other info here. Hope you enjoy.

Everything is a Remix Pt. 3

Everything is a Remix

A very intriguing video series that sheds light on details commonly unknown or often overlooked. Kirby Ferguson does a great job telling a story, informing the audience of the facts and does so in a smooth fashion. This video is part 3 of 4 in a series that has been critically and audience acclaimed. The final episode of the Everything is a Remix series is due out this fall. Hope you enjoy.

“I invented nothing new. I simply assembled the discoveries of other men behind whom were centuries of work. Had I worked fifty or even five years before, I would have failed. So it is with every new thing. Progress happens when all the factors that make for it are ready, and then it is inevitable. To teach that a comparatively few men are responsible for the greatest forward steps of mankind is the worst sort of nonsense.” – Henry Ford