X-Dance Recap 2012

We had a great time at X-Dance 2012. Three days of screening some amazing films, along with good times and standard film festival events. SANDED was very well received by the audience and received a nod from Best Original Score by Adam Lathrum, the award went to Seth Morrison: The Original Skier, another great film.… Continue reading X-Dance Recap 2012

Website Face Lift

Hello, and welcome to our new site! While it’s not a complete redesign, we rebuilt it from the ground up, keeping the same basic layout and style, but updating the design. The site now runs much faster, is sleeker, and more intuitive. We’ve simplified the overall feel, with less clutter, putting an emphasis on the… Continue reading Website Face Lift

2010-A Year in Review

Gooooodbye 2010 2010 was another great year for us here at TAR Productions, by far the most exciting to date. We started out the new year with a large production for Monster Energy Drink, not only a sales and training video but a call to action for the entire Monster team, including external sales and… Continue reading 2010-A Year in Review

Recent Spy Optic Videos

Spy Optic A few months ago we were asked to put together a couple of videos for Spy Optic. Leading into the new year Spy is poised to overtake some market share as the economy begins to resurrect itself. To get the brand, distributors, retailers and partners we put together this short clip of what… Continue reading Recent Spy Optic Videos


Non Profit for Good We recently went to Haiti with Helping Haitian Angles, a non-profit organization that has an orphanage on the northern coast or Haiti. In Caphaitian, on the northern coast, an area not affected by the earthquake, an orphanage is set up in the city center, on a dirt road, in an small,… Continue reading Haiti