Steadicam Incredible!

Below is an incredible steadicam shot from Larry McConkey on the production of Hugo. It’s great to see a behind the scenes like this, especially if you can recall what the final shot looked like. Listen to him exhale when the shot is finished, and Martin Scorsese joke about additional takes. We love using the… Continue reading Steadicam Incredible!

Everything is a Remix Pt. 4

Kirby Ferguson is at it again with his Everything is a Remix series. He’s just released part 4 and completed the series in a fantastic fashion. In what I’d say is the most entertaining and informative of the series, part 4 focuses on law. More specifically copyright, trademark and intellectual property. It’s pretty fascinating to… Continue reading Everything is a Remix Pt. 4

Afternoon Delight

One of the most interesting facets about production right now is the feasibility and accessibility of quality production equipment. One of our recent videos was partially shot on an iPhone 4S – and matched up pretty well, too, with a range of 3-chip cameras and DSLRs. The availability is only going to increase production value,… Continue reading Afternoon Delight

Logo Doodle

Bryce Frees sent over this logo doodle randomly one day. Apparently he was on the phone, bored, and TAR PRODUCTIONS came to his mind. Bryce is a creative thinker & web designer.

Website Face Lift

Hello, and welcome to our new site! While it’s not a complete redesign, we rebuilt it from the ground up, keeping the same basic layout and style, but updating the design. The site now runs much faster, is sleeker, and more intuitive. We’ve simplified the overall feel, with less clutter, putting an emphasis on the… Continue reading Website Face Lift

Gotham Font

Here’s a new favorite font thanks to Brett Baldwin @ Adrenaline Movement. We used this Gotham font in an upcoming branding commercial shoot.