Skater Ollies Car

Wildly successful viral video, reaching more than 3MM views and garnering homepage coverage of many popular web destinations including MSN, MySpaceTV, GrindTV, Shred or Die, Break, eBaumsWorld and many more. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. The famous Car Ollie spawned copy-cat campaigns from Nike and Axe Body Spray. Peaking at 600,000 views in one day, and having 1 in every 24 viewers comment on the video it was considered one of the most successful viral video campaigns to date.

  • project title: Skater Ollies Car
  • project length: :41
  • shoot date: 6/2008
  • debut date: 6/2008


  • creative director: Timothy Ryan
  • Director of Photography: Conor Colwell
  • Editor: Timothy Ryan
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Conor Colwell
  • Skater: Zach Miller
  • Stunt Driver: Ricky Whitlock