A Quick Getaway

A few weeks back my friend, the talented graphic designer and web developer, Bryce Frees, and I went into the lower Sierra Mountains for a 2 day backpacking trip for my birthday.

Sierra Sunset, part of a beautiful time lapse

We left late at night and didn’t have much of a plan. We ended up in Onion Valley and with the help of this guide hiked our way up to 11,800′.

The purpose of the trip was two-fold. 1) to get away from it all for a couple of days. To unwind, disconnect and breath some fresh mountain air. And,

2) to shoot some awesome photos, videos and time lapses.

Sierra Mountain range peaks. Part of a time lapse

Lower Sierra rocks, a moody time lapse

We had access to some new cinema lenses and really wanted to put them to the test. It was nice to leave it all behind and be creative in the wild. No emails, computers, cell phone to distract us. It was awesome. Here’s a quick video from our trip.

Do you ever feel the itch to get out there and unwind for a few days. Let me know your tricks in the comments below!