A high tolerance for ambiguity serves anyone who can’t predict the future. Decades ago, the concept of a “company man” was strong. You graduate college and get hired by a prestigious company where you dedicate 40 years of service and retire. Climbing the latter and increasing responsibilities, but never changing companies.

Changing careers is dynamism. Synthesizing information from multiple domains carries leverage, as does having a broad range of interests.

Be curious.

To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.

Winston Churchill

Companies seeking candidates with identical past roles miss the point. Knowledge workers thrive on new challenges and growth.

Companies hiring based on algorithms miss the point, and therefore the talent, too. They will get left behind.

Algorithms shouldn’t drive hiring decisions. The ability to connect diverse data is crucial for success – that’s what we call range. It’s also a great book.

Entrepreneurship fosters resiliency. Everyone should put a year into starting their own company- bootstrap, beg, borrow and steal if you have to. Whatever you do, don’t be scared. Learn, be vulnerable, you’ll take these lessons forward for the rest of your life.

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