Parents at the Park

I was at the park the other day running around with my kids. We played freeze tag, did a little skateboarding (which mostly means I’m running & hold them next to them as they’re learning to balance), laughing and chasing one another.

It was a ton of fun and great exercise.

I saw another parent do the same with his kids, but only for about two minutes. Then I overheard him say he was tired & out of breath as he sat down and picked up his phone.

I felt terrible for his kids, and personally, I never want to be in that limiting position.

100% of my health goals surround being able to play with my kids. I have plenty of energy and it’s sustainable energy- not a jolt from caffeine on an as-needed turned constant requirement energy.

This is my bar- can I keep up with my kids?

Growing up, 40 seemed old. It was common to hear people in their 40s complain about aches and pains or be slow to get up. I remember thinking then I never wanted that to happen to me.

My routine these days is basically:

  • High intensity exercise ~3 days/week
    • Calisthenics, sprints, jump rope
  • Regular morning walks or walk to my office
  • Surfing
  • Stand up paddle board on days I don’t surf or HIIT

As far as diet goes, it’s pretty simple, too:

  • Cup of tea or coffee in the morning, fast until I get hungry (usually around 1pm)
  • Focus on protein, fiber, and fermented vegetables
    • Superfarm beef boost, sardines, wild-caught salmon, pasture-raised eggs
    • Target about 200 grams of protein/day
  • Eat whole foods, no processed foods
  • Avoid industrial seed oils, sugars, grains
    • Avoid refined fats, refined carbs

This gives me tons of energy to play with my kids. I’ve never felt better, and I really think this is the fountain of youth. My kids are still young, but I hope we can play for years to come- at the beach, on the mountains, exploring this beautiful world we live in. I hope to do this with them for 50 years.

If you do too there’s no better time to start then now.

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