Website Face Lift

Hello, and welcome to our new site! While it’s not a complete redesign, we rebuilt it from the ground up, keeping the same basic layout and style, but updating the design. The site now runs much faster, is sleeker, and more intuitive. We’ve simplified the overall feel, with less clutter, putting an emphasis on the… Continue reading Website Face Lift


This is our first collaboration with iDonate. Using kinetic typography to explain iDonate’s message and services in a creative manner, we were able to retain full creative control throughout the process. After three rounds of script revisions we went into production only to find ourselves needing a few more script revisions throughout the production process.… Continue reading iDonate

SANDED in X-Dance 2012

SANDED will be part of X-Dance 2012 along with many other great films. We’re very proud to be part of such a wonderful action sports based film festival. Along with X-Dance SANDED has been part of the California Surf Film Festival, Wavescape South Africa and the North Shore Surf Film Festival.


SANDED A unique and cinematic look at the art of shaping surfboards. This montage was shot entirely on one 400′ roll of film, in one day, without any planning or preproduction. The challenge of this shoot was to put an emphasis on the cinematography while be cautious of film usage, yet taking the time to… Continue reading SANDED

Quiksilver International

A series of broadcast and web videos for Quiksilver?s spring line of clothing. Shot on Super 16mm film on location in Thailand, the spots were used domestically and internationally for broadcast, web and DVD promotional purposes. Client: Quiksilver International Shoot location: Bangkok and Krabi, Thailand Project Lengths: 1:30, 4x :30s Debut Date: 2/2008    … Continue reading Quiksilver International

Monster First

Monster First Monster Energy drink has never one to follow the status quo. So when they said they were launching a brand new national internal sales campaign for their employees, distributors and partners we knew we had to come back with something that would not only catch their attention and be entertaining, but also fun… Continue reading Monster First

Butch Walker

Butch Walker Music Video for Butch Walker’s hit single “The Weight of Her” from the album “Sycamore Meadows.” Butch Walker is acclaimed singer-songwriter, was raised in Georgia, now making Los Angeles his home. He is a Grammy-Award nominated artist for his songwriting – whose talent list includes Katy Perry, Avril Lavingne and P!nk among others.… Continue reading Butch Walker

On A Rail: Europe

On a Rail: Europe Award-winning documentary featuring three professional surfers touring Europe via the Eurail while exploring the cultures and waves the continent has to offer. The 12-page cover story article was featured in Surfing Magazine (Feb ’09) covered the entire trip and the film was critically acclaimed and distributed worldwide. project title: On A… Continue reading On A Rail: Europe