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We spend nearly all of our time telling stories for incredible brands and nonprofits. We meet people doing amazing things that are changing the world for the better. The research we do teaches us so many profound aspects of life, humanity, and topics we never knew about beforehand. This work has taken us to every corner of the globe and into places in our hometown we never knew about.

When we recently sat down to recap everything and share it with the world, as remarkable as a journey it’s been, it almost felt incomplete. We can’t share our work without sharing our story- who are we? How has this journey shaped us? We asked ourselves, why are we on an endless search to improve the lives of people we’ve never met.

We define ourselves by the beauty, novelty, and success of the stories we tell.

Upon reflection, we realized the impact we can have is the reason we keep going, and want more. Enjoy our reel and getting to know us in just 88 seconds. We define ourselves by the beauty, novelty, and success of the stories we tell. The results speak for themselves.

What is a story? What is a connection? And what does it mean to move hearts and minds?

How do we go about distilling this message to everyone? How do we get everyone share our content?

We don’t.

We don’t speak to anyone or everyone, but someone. Someone who cares, who agrees and then tells a friend. We move one, then two, four, eight and sixteen.

We?re storytellers crafting the intangible, creating incredible connections and expressing purpose. We inspire action and build trust.

We?re committed, and we?re adventurers. We?re psychologists and tech geeks. We?re globetrotters who never stop wondering nor wandering.

We tell a story, not every story. Stories that move us. Inspire us, and connect us.

We do this by listening, learning, challenging and pushing further. We make bold moves, innovate and collaborate. We care, trust our gut, and remember facts and figures because of story.

In the end, we make our audience feel like they belong and are a part of something that represents them. Together, we are one. We are story. We are TAR Productions.

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  1. I love this. My husband and I travel a lot and we like to do silly little home movies. I like your approach. The films are something that everyone will want to see.

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