Optimal office setups

I returned to my office this week. It’s nice to be back in an environment with clearly distinct separations between life & work.

I had that same feeling of the unknown and excitement that’s familiar when starting a new job.

What I really enjoyed was having my desk and monitor back. I like to work in clamshell mode with my keyboard and monitor at proper heights. I also stand most of the day in my sit/stand desk. This helps my focus and productivity. 

I was remaking on Twitter that I’m intrigued by the following setup:

  • 12″ iPad Pro with keyboard
  • Desktop machine with beautiful display

This key here is ditching my laptop. My laptop has served me well, I can bring it everywhere and be pretty productive- like when I work at the beach.

But this is also the problem- sometimes I try to do too much with my laptop. An iPad has obvious limitations despite the fact it’s becoming more professional with each iteration and the software improvements diminish this gap. But I think the success of the platform is within these limitations- and might offer a few benefits.

I’m hesitant to commit to a iPad for work on the go. Has anyone tried it?

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