Modern & Clean.

We’re pleased to announce an all new website redesign. The culmination of months of work including research, reviews, positioning and design phases. When we re-launched TAR Production in early 2014 we quickly put a theme based WordPress site. For all intents and purposes it worked and got the job done.We received a lot of compliments and it was fun before it was trendy. But we always knew it was a temporary solution. Since our sincere focus as a video production company is storytelling, something that always takes a unique approach creatively to each project, we felt that our website needed to be unique as well.

We spent a few months taking notes on design and layout we felt would work well. I have always felt that our website should complement our work, not overshadow it; guide our users, not direct them and overall create a visually pleasing experience. We looked deep into our storytelling process and took ourselves out of our shoes and into prospective customer’s shoes. “How does this look from the outside,” we asked ourselves. “Does this make sense?”

We looked deep into our storytelling process.

We tried to present a guide that shows who we are, how we approach story and video production in general. This is meant to be top level, and only act as a guide. Taking a custom approach to each project means adapting our guide and leaving the flexibility to be creative.




We worked with a couple of very talented people that made this project come to life. The site was designed by Nick Grygiel and developed by Peter Harlacher. They are both masters in their own right and together we were able to take my thoughts and turn that into a beautiful design that works, and ultimately build that into an interactive story providing a window into our world.

We plan to put this site to good use, too. We’re going to bringing you inside our operations. Showing you the in’s & out’s of what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Our plan is to post weekly to this blog. Subscribe to our newsletter now and get the updates instantly right in your inbox. Follow along with us on the road through video production, storytelling and see why we make the creative decisions we do.