Monster First

Monster Energy drink has never one to follow the status quo. So when they said they were launching a brand new national internal sales campaign for their employees, distributors and partners we knew we had to come back with something that would not only catch their attention and be entertaining, but also fun and informative. We pitched a unique and creative training video to the brand and they loved it from the get-go. We let our imagination run wild and put together a serious crew to achieve this goal including Emmy winner talent from Los Angeles. Starring Jackass and Monster personality Weeman (Jason Acuna) and several of the Monster Girls we think we achieved this goal. The video ended up being a smashing success that was sent to Coca~Cola and Budweiser (two of Monster’s main distributors) as well as national sales meetings. NOTE: Video has been modified for web/public viewing due to NDA agreements.

  • Director: Jimmy Romano
  • Producer: Timothy Ryan
  • Line Producer: Donna Fewell
  • First AD: Robin Hood
  • Editor: Timothy Ryan + Jason Tucker
  • Associate Producer: Brad Armstrong
  • Executive Producer: Micah Bingeman
  • Director of Photography: Marvin Rush
  • 1st AC: Michael Rush
  • Gaffer: Cody Caldwell
  • Key Grip: Jay Lorenz
  • Jason Acuna as himself