Love, your network

Despite my affinity for asynchronous and remote work, I love to connect 1:1 with individuals. This can be old friends, new acquaintances, and colleagues.

I’ve been trying to get coffee or lunch with someone about once per week. Just to chat, catch up, and break up my work week. No expectations, just a friendly social hour.

Sometimes we talk work, career, industry. Sometimes we talk life, family, health. Sometimes both.

I’ve never been very good at keeping in touch, but the benefits are real. It’s nice to have company, friends, and see how you can help someone. This isn’t “networking” but it is part of your network. This isn’t providing a favor for someone knowing they’ll owe you one in the future. It’s just catching up.

Another friend and I just realized how much overlap we have and interest in common. Our conversation naturally went someone each of us have dreamed of and we’re now working on making that become a reality- in collaboration.

Love your network. Give (time, support, smiles) selflessly. Enjoy.

This is mostly a message to myself, but if it helps you, too, that’s all the better.

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