Learning to Fly

We all have formidable, nostalgic memories of our childhood. Something so visceral when you step back into these elements you feel the same you did decades ago.

Music is huge sensory platform for this experience. When you hear the first musical notes of a particular song you immediately transcend the present and your mood, perspective are just what they were during those periods of growth.

Some call these the good old days.

As a storyteller I’m always appreciative, and perhaps sometimes too nostalgic, for these simpler times. Like music, story has the ability to transcend us to another dimension, to escape reality.

The best concert I have ever been to was in a crappy arena not design to host live music. However, the band were true performers and the atmosphere was enough to transcend me to a simpler time.

I was focused on the music, living in the moment, and having the best time of m life.

The band? Foo Fighters.

There are so talented and care so much about storytelling they literally move the audience. It doesn’t matter what the venue is. It was the band and the audience. No theatrics.

At one point during the show, Dave Grohl played a couple of songs on the drums- about half crowd went nuts (the half that knew his drumming history, of course). Taylor Hawkins played guitar during these songs, and before he took his sticks back he yelled into the mic, “I have the best drummer in the world in my band.”

It’s an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life, and every time I’ve seen the Foo live they were nothing short of incredible.

RIP Taylor Hawkins.

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