This is our first collaboration with iDonate. Using kinetic typography to explain iDonate’s message and services in a creative manner, we were able to retain full creative control throughout the process. After three rounds of script revisions we went into production only to find ourselves needing a few more script revisions throughout the production process. The advantage of this was that we could remain on track to meet our deadline while providing the flexibility iDonate needed to make sure their message was presented optimally. The simple and clean design puts a focus on the message while the smooth, yet explosive, motion keeps the viewer intrigued via the peripheral movement.

    • Credits:
    • Project Title: iDonate Launch
    • Project Length: 1:56
    • Debut Date: TBD
    • More Info: iDonate


  • Client: iDonate
  • Executive Producer: Kevin Myers
  • Executive Producer: Ray Gary
  • Associate Producer: Blair Myers
  • Creative Direction: Type G Design
  • Art Director: Mike Nelson
  • Production House: TAR PRODUCTIONS
  • Director: Timothy Ryan
  • Writer: Alexander Kimball
  • Motion Graphics: Jared Gray
  • 3D Artist: Jared Gray
  • Musician: Mark Petrie
  • Song: New Light