There isn’t much of a difference, in terms of quality, between Vimeo and YouTube. They each have their advantages and disadvantages and we’ll look into a few of those. One thing I always recommend for our clients is to host with one of these these two options. Read on for more YouTube vs Vimeo.

YouTube vs Vimeo

Common Advantages
Both YouTube and Vimeo work pretty much everywhere. You have the option to embed these videos anywhere on the web and they both work great on mobile devices and multiple browsers. They both handle all the back end conversions and automatically show the best format & resolution depending on what type of device you’re watching it on. I cannot overstate the importance of this. Unless you have a dedicated team of web developers and IT support you’ll most likely want to upload your video and forget about any technical stuff. Certain browsers will only play certain video codecs. This is all based around licensing issues and some browsers simply don’t want to (or can’t) pay these royalties.
Both these communities have a built in audience. YouTube obviously have a larger audience, but Vimeo’s community is more artistic, creative and engaged overall.

YouTube Advantages
YouTube has the audience. Being the world’s 2nd largest search engine attracts a lot of eyeballs. It’s incorporated with your Google account and they have simple sharing and commenting options. There’s a lot of content on YouTube and if you know how to properly tag your video you can get it associated with some attractive videos (meaning videos with lots of views). YouTube supports pretty much any codec, meaning no matter what format you upload YouTube will convert it and make sure it plays. The big advantage here is that you can upload, and playback, material shot in 4K. 4K is the next video standard after 1080p, it’s 4x the pixels and you will only see more and more of it. We’ve uploaded a few 4K projects to YouTube here and here.

Vimeo Advantages
Vimeo has a great player. It looks nice, plays nice and is really robust and there are no pre-roll ads. They’ve had their fair share of outages over the years but I haven’t noticed one in a while. They offer 3 tiered services, Vimeo, Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro at free, $99/year, and $199/year respectively. This site outlines the differences, but with Plus or Pro you get HD embeds, no ads anywhere and with Pro a ton of control over how your player looks and acts. These are very important if you take video seriously and use it in a business environment. Vimeo also supports subtitling and close captioning.

Overall, I think Vimeo is a better solution. I prefer the control you have over how your video is displayed. We’re Vimeo Pro users and very happy with it. It’s up to you to decide which hosting solution makes the most sense for your situation.