Heartbeat 9

Welcome to the Heartbeat series- a roundup of interesting facts, studies, news, and tidbits on health, diet, and living your best life.

The increase in vegetable oil consumption is staggering.

Measuring deforestation in Belize.

Almost certain we’ll be seeing more of this: rising temps hurt yields.

Another thing we’re certain to see more of (🤞) study suggesting farmers turn to regenerative practices.

Easy way for everyone to become more aware of our baseline health: Smart headphones.

Don’t stress eat, its never healthy.

Brain health

I read quite a few articles this past week on neurological health, and as someone who had meningitis and suffered from extreme migraines before ditching grains and processed foods I thought I’d share.

A good night’s sleep clears waste after brain injury.

Concussions early in life increase risk of dementia. I had several concussions in my youth. (another reason I’ll never stop eating healthy or exercising).

Self paced recovery recommended after youth concussion. Wish we knew this 25 years ago.

Long term preservation of brain health largely falls into: eating healthy, exercising, not smoking.

Things I’m up to

How to tell if you have burnout.

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