Heartbeat 28

Welcome to the Heartbeat- a roundup of interesting facts, studies, news, and tidbits on health, diet, and living your best life.


Lack of sleep can lead to reduced brain power, and how you feel about your sleep affects your overall well-being.

Kombucha may be beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Including more fatty fish in your diet can have positive effects on lung health.

Artificial sweeteners can increase body fat.

AI has the potential to greatly benefit doctors, but they need training on how to effectively leverage it in their practice.

Interesting & happenings

Bill Gates has expressed concerns about the environmental impact of meat consumption, yet he owns four personal jets.

Tim Ferriss shared something this week that resonated with many people.

Finished Amor Towels latest The Lincoln Highway. Definitely recommend.

Got a surfboard from a friend I know since childhood. Supporting their handmade craftsmanship is always a good choice.


Why do ebikes not abide by the same safety parameters as motorcycles? Headlights, taillights, blinkers. Join the conversation on X.

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