Heartbeat 19

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Why wouldn’t you do it? 10-min run can boost brain power.

Get outside: the sun has incredible health benefits, from setting circadian rhythm to vitamin D delivering on cardio health. And if your levels are >55ng/mL your covid infection rate is cut by 47%.

Personalized medicine – which makes total sense, continues to advance.

Drugs impact the gut more than smoking, disease, and diet.

Is meat really that bad? (Hint: not, it’s not. It’s good, very good.)

Love it. Debunking cattle myths. And, cattle benefits soil and biodiversity.

Things I’m up to & interested in

Hair & beauty products are loaded with bad ingredients that impact hormones. Stick to the clean stuff, such as Hardworking Gentlemen.

No thanks, I’ll pass.

Pickleball. I know it’s trending but super fun and great exercise.

What a great read☝️

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