Heartbeat 18

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NY Times says there’s no “good” or “bad” way to eat. Just wrong.

Agree to disagree, reduced meat diets help the environment. Lookup: Pasture-raised animals

Listening to good music improves brain elasticity. Also, see my Spotify recap below.

Exercise has a “cannabis-like” response, reducing chronic inflammation in the body.

Specific protein in plants absorb more CO2, and looks like we can turn it up during photosynthesis. Awesome stuff.

3 ways to reduce your carbon footprint with food purchases.

  • Eat less high-calorie, nutrient-dilute foods (read: ultra-processed foods)
  • Eat less savory-rich baked goods (read: ultra-processed foods)
  • Small households shouldn’t buy in bulk that results in wasted foods

Tax sugar. And while you’re at it, remove the subsidies from corn, sort, wheat.

Things I’m up to & interest in

Deep sea fish surfaces in San Diego.

Love to see it, Patagonia donates every penny of revenue on Black Friday.

Plenty of talk about shipping delays, but I had orders placed on a Friday and Saturday arrive on the following Monday. Great to see from small businesses and carriers.

I’ve gone country, thanks for the awesome recap Spotify.

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