Heartbeat 15

Welcome to the Heartbeat- a roundup of interesting facts, studies, news, and tidbits on health, diet, and living your best life.

More evidence supporting the Yamanaka theory behind muscle regeneration.

Wearables data provide another angle in overall health. Good news.

Fat around organs increase risk of failure.

Beta-sitosterol, found in avocados and pistachios, found to help reduce anxiety.

Something to be mindful of this summer: evacuation procedures. I live in California, where it’s always a possibility.

Let’s keep our kids moving.

Not sure how early in life I’d want to know this, but always thought this would be a unique birthday gift.

Sad that those with diabetes can’t get the help they need, even sadder we’re not solving this upstream with diet, nutrition, exercise.

Get your steps in daily.

Things I’m up to

Got a haircut for this first time in almost 18 months. Bringing back the summer buzz cut.

Interesting: Watermelons came from northeast Africa.

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