Heartbeat 14

Welcome to the Heartbeat- a roundup of interesting facts, studies, news, and tidbits on health, diet, and living your best life.

Considered me good. 2 sardines a day keeps diabetes away.

Regenerative agriculture is needed now more than ever, otherwise 1/3 of our food will disappear.

I’ve wanted chickens for a while, can’t deny always having a protein source on hand.

I just got 5 years closer to my first one.

I’ve always felt more focused after HIIT or sprints, this explains why.

Dengue Fever impacts millions every year and it can be terrible, speaking form experience. This helps.

Gut health and immune system. Still a ton unknown, but promising and certainly important.

Autophagy- from fasting or exercise induced, helps keep you young by clearing out dangerous, dead cells.

Even better than organic meat, pasture-raised & grass finished.

14-hour feeding window can easily be cut by 3 hours, but I recommend an 8-hour window and 16-hour fast regularly.

I support anything that saves our oceans.

Something I can improve on, and be more diligent about: mediation.

Happy to see it, 43% buying more meat than before Covid-19.

Things I’m up to

Planning a hike on the John Muir trail next month. Excited!

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