Hard thinking

If there’s been one thing about this pandemic it’s that work has changed forever. When forced to adapt things must change. Instead of trying to replicate what work used to look like for teams and organizations, we should be shifting our focus and asking, what can work look like?

Work doesn’t have to happen in a cubicle. Creativity doesn’t have to happen in the hallways on the way to the break room.

pickup truck workspace at beach
Pickup truck workspace at the beach.

This is an opportunity to redefine what hard work is. We should be looking at what hard thinking is. I like new environments and ambient noises that are always changing. This allows me to focus on the one constant- the problem I’m trying to solve.

The work is the consistent part, and the unique environment allows me to better remove distractions.

The one who shows up to the meeting, the pitch the most prepared is the one who’s going to leave satisfied. They’re the one who going to exude influence and win people’s agreement. The one who outsmarts the others is going to outwork you. The one with more thoughtful strategy, who’s gone down the rabbit holes and shored up potential risks is the one who’s done the hard thinking.

The hard thinking is what required to produce the best work. This isn’t tied to an office full of employees fighting rush-hour traffic after dropping their kids off at school, prepping breakfast and lunches and trying to make it to a soccer practice.

It’s the ones with the space and trust to do the hard thinking in a way that works for them.

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