Fishy Stuff

A breakfast* staple in my house is greek yogurt. Usually mixed in with cacao powder, omega-3 fish oils, and sometimes topped with honey.

It’s simple to make, loaded with protein, available in low- or non-fat versions and tastes delicious. My kids love it!

Compared to a grain-based breakfast cereal this is a huge improvement. The nutrients are far superior and there’s no crash a few hours later when their blood sugar drops.

It wasn’t always this way. They used to hate the “fishy stuff,” the omega-3 oil I mix in. They can easily detect it, and when I tried to sneak it in they would usually bust me.

But now they request I put it in. It took a few months to convert them, but it was well worth the diligence and effort day-in and day-out.

Omega-3 oils have been studied and proven for a host of health improvements and brain development. Especially for developing brains.

*I don’t typically eat breakfast.

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