New Approach to Social Video Ads


It’s no secret that advertising on Facebook can create a huge amount of success for brands. The targeting tools make it easy for any company or brand connect with customers and fans like never before. Video is a the top of the food chain for Facebooks’s algorithm for a few reasons:

  • Video performs better than any other medium for engagement
  • Fresh content ranks higher
  • Ongoing improvements to audiences increases ROI

Our team of expert digital marketers work with you on an ongoing monthly basis creating new ads every month. We test several variations of ads and scale the winning combination. At the end of each month you keep the creative to use in additional marketing initiatives.

Futures Fins A

Futures Fins B

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Past Results:

  • Sneaker company ROI increased by 184%
  • eCommerce site revenue increased by 792%
  • Product line creating $6m to bottom line (50% of annual revenue)