EV Tipping Point

Yesterday, Ford announced the F-150 Lightning- an all electric pickup truck, and I think this will be the tipping point for EVs.

The writing has been on the wall for a long time for electric vehicles. I’m a fan of the technology largely because the reduced environmental impacts. But also because electricity is a better energy source for transportation: it’s more convenient, safer, can be charged in off-peak hours at your house, and makes solar panels that much more useful.

Tesla has made a splash in this market, and many others established and start-ups are taking on this challenge. I think the F-150 will be the tipping point for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s the best selling vehicle in the US (car or truck)
  2. Large market and demand (affluent buyers who want the “new” thing, rental cars, fleets)

I’m glad to see Ford doing this, and I’m equally excited by Tesla, Rivian, and others entering this market. If cars continue to last an average of 11 years on the road, by 2032 we should have a majority of cars on the road powered by electricity. That sounds marvelous.


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