Fishy Stuff

A breakfast* staple in my house is greek yogurt. Usually mixed in with cacao powder, omega-3 fish oils, and sometimes topped with honey. It’s simple to make, loaded with protein, available in low- or non-fat versions and tastes delicious. My kids love it! Compared to a grain-based breakfast cereal this is a huge improvement. The… Continue reading Fishy Stuff

Parents at the Park

I was at the park the other day running around with my kids. We played freeze tag, did a little skateboarding (which mostly means I’m running & hold them next to them as they’re learning to balance), laughing and chasing one another. It was a ton of fun and great exercise. I saw another parent… Continue reading Parents at the Park

Home Gym Setup

Home gyms have become a necessity for some since Covid-19. Some have fancy setups with tons of weights and setups for specific muscle groups, Peloton, rowers, etc. Others have taken to following along on their Apple TV or YouTube workouts. I’ve found that simplicity works best for me, leading to more consistency and enjoyment. I… Continue reading Home Gym Setup

Dose Dos

I got my second vaccine this week- Moderna. I had been told that the side effects of the second dose are brutal, with Modern having greater side effects than Pfizer, and that the healthier you are the greater the side effects. I’ve not looked at the “data” behind this, and suspect it’s hard to track… Continue reading Dose Dos

True cost of food

We used to spend 18% of our income on food, and 9% on healthcare. Today, we spend 9% of our income on food and 18% of healthcare. A soda might cost you $.99, but the true cost can be as high as $4.00. There‚Äôs a difference between the dollars and cents we put towards our… Continue reading True cost of food