Learning to Fly

We all have formidable, nostalgic memories of our childhood. Something so visceral when you step back into these elements you feel the same you did decades ago. Music is huge sensory platform for this experience. When you hear the first musical notes of a particular song you immediately transcend the present and your mood, perspective… Continue reading Learning to Fly

At what cost?

My wife mentioned wanting to buy a couple of books from Amazon. Easy to accomplish and they’d arrive in 2 days, at most. We have a book store down the street, but delivery is more convenient. But what’s the cost? What am I giving up? We’ve heard about the horror stories of the inhumane environment… Continue reading At what cost?

Praise for the Middlemen

“So you’re basically a middleman?” He didn’t mean to be offensive, but that’s how I took it. Whenever I’m insulted, I try to pause and zoom out and look at the bigger picture. Middlemen, and women, are everywhere. They’re adding value, context, convenience, and process and packaging and marketing. They’re seeking the value upstream, magnifying… Continue reading Praise for the Middlemen

Writing tools

I use 3 different computers on a daily basis, several phones, and a couple tablets- all part of the job. I use a handful of digital writing tools- Text Edit, Pages, Notion, Confluence, and Gutenberg (WordPress, which this website is using). I’m intrigued by others- such as ClickUp and Roam. I really think taking notes… Continue reading Writing tools

EV Tipping Point

Yesterday, Ford announced the F-150 Lightning- an all electric pickup truck, and I think this will be the tipping point for EVs. The writing has been on the wall for a long time for electric vehicles. I’m a fan of the technology largely because the reduced environmental impacts. But also because electricity is a better… Continue reading EV Tipping Point

Zoom Fundraising

Starting a business has dramatically changed. A year ago, many people would never have downloaded Zoom to hear a friend’s business pitch. A decade ago, I remember friends going on “road shows” to a group of people and putting funds into an escrow account until the round was fully subscribed. Today, founders are able to… Continue reading Zoom Fundraising

Making time for hard thinking

I lead a handful of meetings every week. These are standup- same day, same time, same attendees week after week. It usually takes a full hour to talk through priorities, new developments, upcoming milestones & deadlines. Even with a consistent set of participants this takes time It’s exhausting. And I’m not the only one who… Continue reading Making time for hard thinking

Home Gym Setup

Home gyms have become a necessity for some since Covid-19. Some have fancy setups with tons of weights and setups for specific muscle groups, Peloton, rowers, etc. Others have taken to following along on their Apple TV or YouTube workouts. I’ve found that simplicity works best for me, leading to more consistency and enjoyment. I… Continue reading Home Gym Setup