NASA Earth Time Lapse

NASA NASA, an organization that continues to push the boundaries in science and imagery, is out with a fantastic new time lapse of the earth. At 5 minutes long, this piece covers every part of the globe. This piece in particular was shot on a special low-light 4k camera from an approximate altitude of 350km… Continue reading NASA Earth Time Lapse

Double Blind Camera Test

Double Blind Camera Test Camera technologies have always been an overrated rage. Each and every camera release is touted to be the next “killer” camera and it seems to get a bit overwhelming. Why? Because the camera is a tool, it’s how you use it. Furthermore, there is a basic underlying philosophy in filmmaking that… Continue reading Double Blind Camera Test

Gotham Font

Here’s a new favorite font thanks to Brett Baldwin @ Adrenaline Movement. We used this Gotham font in an upcoming branding commercial shoot.

Front Window :60 Sec sell

Editing Studio Radd had us help with a quick edit for Clarinova’s Front Window software. The short video is now featured on the homepage of Transworld Business. Have a look.

Chris Bryan Phantom Reel

Super Slow Motion The amazing work of Chris Bryan with his Phantom high speed cameras. Chris shoots with a Phantom Gold HD and a Phantom Flex with Arri Ultra Prime lenses and a custom built underwater housing. Hope you enjoy.

PacSun Bikini Flash Mob

Bikini Flash Mob A few weeks back we produced a flash mob with Smashing Young Lad for PacSun. PacSun was looking for a creative way to introduce summer and get everyone ready for the new swimwear line. After a couple of rehearsals we had approximately 50 dancers show up on the lawn in front of… Continue reading PacSun Bikini Flash Mob