Monster First

Monster First Monster Energy drink has never one to follow the status quo. So when they said they were launching a brand new national internal sales campaign for their employees, distributors and partners we knew we had to come back with something that would not only catch their attention and be entertaining, but also fun… Continue reading Monster First

Butch Walker

Butch Walker Music Video for Butch Walker’s hit single “The Weight of Her” from the album “Sycamore Meadows.” Butch Walker is acclaimed singer-songwriter, was raised in Georgia, now making Los Angeles his home. He is a Grammy-Award nominated artist for his songwriting – whose talent list includes Katy Perry, Avril Lavingne and P!nk among others.… Continue reading Butch Walker

On A Rail: Europe

On a Rail: Europe Award-winning documentary featuring three professional surfers touring Europe via the Eurail while exploring the cultures and waves the continent has to offer. The 12-page cover story article was featured in Surfing Magazine (Feb ’09) covered the entire trip and the film was critically acclaimed and distributed worldwide. project title: On A… Continue reading On A Rail: Europe

Skater Ollies Car

Skater Ollies Car Wildly successful viral video, reaching more than 3MM views and garnering homepage coverage of many popular web destinations including MSN, MySpaceTV, GrindTV, Shred or Die, Break, eBaumsWorld and many more. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. The famous Car Ollie spawned copy-cat campaigns from Nike and Axe Body Spray.… Continue reading Skater Ollies Car


Decades Short film comparing & contrasting the surfing generations and lifestyles between the 60s and today’s era. Decades was included into several surf and action sports film festivals.     Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Timothy Ryan Music Consultant/Location Scout: Sean Taylor

Visual Petition

Surfers 4 Cetaceans A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. The Visual Petition consists of thousands of worldwide petitioners raising their voices in a peaceful manner.

NASA Earth Time Lapse

NASA NASA, an organization that continues to push the boundaries in science and imagery, is out with a fantastic new time lapse of the earth. At 5 minutes long, this piece covers every part of the globe. This piece in particular was shot on a special low-light 4k camera from an approximate altitude of 350km… Continue reading NASA Earth Time Lapse

Double Blind Camera Test

Double Blind Camera Test Camera technologies have always been an overrated rage. Each and every camera release is touted to be the next “killer” camera and it seems to get a bit overwhelming. Why? Because the camera is a tool, it’s how you use it. Furthermore, there is a basic underlying philosophy in filmmaking that… Continue reading Double Blind Camera Test