Here’s our best of NAB 2014. National Association of Broadcasters is held every year in Las Vegas, NV. It’s the biggest show of it’s kind and like Christmas morning for video gear junkies like us. If a company is going to make a major announcement this is the place to do it. Here’s our “best of” list for NAB 2014.

DJI Phantom 2+ – Improving on the first generation with some great new features. Remote control drones have never been so easy to use and feasible to get great imagery. Although I’ve never used one, and they’re not perfect, they are pretty darn good. I especially like the software from Adobe the fixes the fisheye distortion (Adobe Lens Profile Support).

AJA Cion 4k camera – Like Black Magic Design did a couple of years ago with their entry into the camera market, AJA is shaking things up and lowering the cost barrier to entry for professional cameras. They have a solid foundation and history in broadcast environments, like BlackMagic, and I’m really looking forward to see what they have to offer. No word yet on image quality but price is less than $9,000 for body. 4K video is everywhere now and, like CES 2014, at NAB 2014 it’s definitely a theme that’s not going away. Here’s a video from

Black Magic USRA – Black Magic announced a 4k camera last year, but this one is a “production” camera. Black Magic, makers of fantastic products, a true industry shaker and overall solid company, has a horrible track record for shipping cameras on time. This isn’t the same for their other products. We’ll have to see when this camera actually ships, hopefully it’s before NAB 2015.

Small HD monitor – Small HD makes great small, high definition field monitors. Anytime I’ve used one on set it’s always been immensely helpful and powerful. They’ve added the ability to create looks on your computer, save an LUT (look up table) and use it while shooting but record the raw or flat look so you retain all the details. When you bring in the flat material to post-production, you simply add your LUT and make changes from there. All non destructive and totally customizable. Pretty awesome. Here’s a fun video they made.

Zacuto Gratical – This looks amazing. A great eyecup, like the one Zacuto already makes, can make or break a shoot. Several times I’ve been in situations where I couldn’t see the image I was recording properly and really scared that I was doing something wrong. In short, these are incredibly valuable.


From time to time a few manufactures will release products or make announcements later on during the week so their announcements don’t get lost in every other one made first thing Monday morning. check back for more NAB 2014 news.