Working with the HouseCall crew on their launch video was exciting in the sense that we were all about technology. I pitched a rough idea that came to me in our initial meeting that received enough acceptance to be developed, and ultimately the basis for our creative. Well aware of the explosion of handheld gyro-stabilizers that are just hitting the market today, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to test out new technology for a, well,  app development company. Here’s a behind the scenes look at our shoot.


Putting story first, our creative idea not only had work for the HouseCall video, it had to take the storytelling to the next level. By putting the camera over-the-should of our main actress we take the viewer on the entire experience of using the HouseCall app. Experiencing something is much better than simply showing it. Since we’re following our main character and superimposing the app screen throughout we’re able to see first hand how easy it is use the app and how it integrates into our daily lives.

We got our hands on a Gremsy G-Stabi, a company that has been making aerial camera equipment for a number of years. The G-Stabi unit we received was a production model but wasn’t available for sale yet, so we testing this in the real world, in a situation where failure was not an option.


Our camera setup was a Red Epic with PL mounted 15mm lens wit batteries, not the lightest setup, so the G-Stabi was going to have to pull some payload. This creative, going in & out of small areas, through hallways and down a narrow staircase, wouldn’t be possible to handle on a steadicam- the rig is simple to big. The G-Stabi performed beautifully, always level and steady. On a couple of tight turns the rig would turn itself over due to the heavy lens, but we were able to steadily work around any problem and pull off a smooth shot, thanks to the steady hands of DP/operator Matt Pappas.

I think these gyrostabilizers will lift independent and small commercial productions to a level once reserved for high-end and cinema production. The quality is superb and end results fantastic. We’re excited to see where else we’ll take the G-Stabi. -Tim