Why Story?

Story is the most effective means of human connection. Science tells us emotion leads behavior and gut instinct. It transports us into a new world, where feeling and euphoria take over. We believe in creating incredible connections that support your cause over the long term. Here’s how we tell stories.



Finding the perfect character, developing our story; moving hearts and minds. Sometimes this involves pre-interviewing potential characters, casting and location scouting. If you’re not local to San Diego we can do this over video chat.



Once we have an idea of where our story might take us, we do our own research based from our discovery sessions. Sometimes this means experiencing it for ourselves. Storytelling is a journey and how we share it with your targeted audience depends on our unique ex



Starting with an idea, something that is truly unique and compelling. We like to swing for the fences and create something that will turn heads, move hearts and minds. Sometimes we’re working through a few concepts at once, other times it’s several concepts for a campaign.



The Who, What, Where, When, and most importantly, Why. We’re intentional about the stories we tell, from words to colors, tone, look, feel, and mood. This all comes together during our pre-production process which includes scouting locations, storyboarding and more.



This is the fun part. We build a set, get the lights and camera out and say “action!” We handle media management, craft services, transportation and anything else needed to capture the footage necessary to tell your story in the most compelling way. We said Full Service, didn’t we?


Post Production

Our editors use the footage to mold your story into its final product. Then, we bring in our animators, voiceover artists, sound designers and colorists to add all the details that bring it to life. It’s the most time consuming step, but also where the magic of your story comes together.



Once you have approved the final version, we’ll send you all the files you could need including the final master, encoded files for YouTube and web based video services, even Instagram ready files if you’d like.
That’s a wrap!