7 things small business should consider when making a video

Tim Ryan and Dave Warshauer of TAR PRODUCTIONS communicating the pre-production knowledge.

So you?re a small business and ready to dive into a video for your business. When you begin to search for a talented video production company here are a few consideration to make beforehand. Read on for more info on small business video.


What are you trying to tell your audience? What is your end goal when someone finishes watching your video. This also includes questions such as: What are you doing? and Why should people care? If you have a solid answer for these questions be sure to bring that up in your initial call with your potential production company. Not only will you end up with a better product, but you?ll end up strengthening your relationship with your video team.


Online is a vague answer. If your a small business, chances are that online is one a few options available. Local TV might work, trade shows are an option, Social Media, too. All of these distribution platforms present their own criteria. Your TV spot is likely 30 or 60 seconds exactly. Trade shows have the option to loop a video via DVD or AppleTV or similar. But you have to remember all the noise at those events. If trade shows are a big distribution for your video you may need to consider having your story told with visuals only since people most likely won?t be able to hear over the atmosphere.


What is this video suppose to achieve? Is it overall brand presence, launching a new product or product line. Is it educational?


Is there anything in your organization that might make this process harder? (i.e. Office politics, locations, budget) Do you foresee any big challenges?

Video pre production checklist


Whatever you do, do not underestimate the thumbnail for your video. This is one of the main advantages of the Vimeo player over YouTube. Vimeo lets you use any frame from your video as the thumbnail or the option to upload your own. If you have high end photography you can upload directly to Vimeo and wherever your video is shown/embedded this custom thumbnail will be shown.


It?s best to define your budget. Video technology is advancing rapidly, and you?re constantly able to do more with less budget. You might be surprised what quality production you can get for a smaller budget. However, the video production industry is not racing to the bottom. If you want professional quality, and someone to tell a great story, you?re going to need a professional production crew. I will post a more detailed blog post soon about budget transparency.


If there?s a hard deadline for your project please say so early on. What?s driving your deadline? Timelines effect other aspect of your production. From how long we have to prepare our story, number of shoot days (not only the days we?re shooting but the available days we have to shoot, weather permitting), and time for post production. All good things take time, and video is no exception.

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