7 Quick Reasons why Video Should be part of your Next Campaign

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A video campaign can be a quick and valuable resource to support your next marketing initiative. It’s becoming more and more popular and consumers are starting to prefer video over any other medium. Here are 7 quick reasons to consider a video campaign next.

1. Path of Least Resistance – it?s easier for your audience to click play than to read a paragraph or even click through a look book of photos
2. Tailored Storytelling – you have the ability to tell someone exactly what you want. You can edit the video to the desired length and make sure your audience receives your message.
3. Measurable – It?s easy to see who?s watching your videos, where and how (what device)
4. Searchable – YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Video is also great for SEO purposes
5. Shareable – YouTube and Vimeo both have one button share features that your audience can email, post to social or save for later.
6. Mobile – works on any device, anywhere in the world on any browsers. No barriers to how your audience can access your content
7. Ads – Vine, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube video ads to a specific target market that you control. This is just beginning to roll out, and since video is much more engaging than a still photo or advertisement you?ll likely see greater ROI.

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