5 Great Testimonials in Tech


With technology exploding every single day, it?s hard to keep up with the latest apps and tools available at our fingertips. Even if we are keeping up, it?s hard to completely understand the full breadth of capabilities those tools have and how they can be specifically applied to our lives and businesses. We?ve seen written, long, and boring case studies for years – displayed on websites, buried in a client list/customer section, accompanied by pretty photos and a few quotes splashed in about how great the product or service is. Sound familiar?
Although it?s always comforting to see that lengthy list of recognizable companies/brands who use the technology, it?s not always super clear how that technology is working for them and in what capacity. Sure they can write a lengthy blog post on it (guilty!) but who has time to read and fully digest all that?

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Multi-faceted, highly complex and super customizable tools and applications are breaking huge barriers and allowing for more companies and brands to run leaner, more efficiently and truly thrive within their space. It?s great – but with that comes a website full of developer jargon that the average Joe (for lack of a better way to say it) has trouble dissecting and making sense of how they could use it themselves.

Enter video. Ta-da! Video as we all know is a great way to communicate quickly, clearly and in an engaging way. So long boring, essay style case studies! See ya never. I?ve pulled 5 video testimonials/case studies that I feel truly capture the problem the customer was experiencing and how the technology came in and solved it. Sounds boring, but just watch.
These videos make the technology/application easy to digest and understand how it can be applied to the viewer/customer. They?re all engaging. These are stories that move – move the needle, move the potential customer, move the brand and ultimately create real results.



Let?s talk about the word ?testimonial? for a minute. It kind of makes you cringe on the inside because it sounds boring/dry/unimaginative. It used to have a negative connotation for me personally until I shifted my perspective. When story is involved (in any type of video really) and brought into the spotlight, we can connect to it on a deeper level.
Story pulls us in and allows us to easily relate to the most un-relatable topics if done right. In this case, story is used to show us how we can incorporate these different technologies into our lives and lifestyle.
After viewing these videos, it?s easy to see how these 1-4 minute ?testimonials? lead directly to more sales. Shoot, they sold me and I?m not even looking to find a new logo/design, to learn code or an online food ordering system, etc. ?They also make me think of friends and colleagues who could truly benefit from these products for different reasons. And you know what I did after watching one of these videos? Sent an email, told a friend, spread the word. And that my friends is how video connects us and moves us to take action. (We go into this in Our Story Reel)


Salesforce put together a short story profiling their customer?s success and growth. Great choice in picking an incredible brand that?s cool and recognizable to showcase how their product directly supports Yeti?s business goals and core values.


Right off the bat you?re brought into the story and feel a personal connection with someone else?s business. A bit long for my liking but absolutely love the intimate feel and approach that Xero took with this video.

99 Designs

Quick and to the point. I enjoyed the energy that the video brought with it of the city life. However, I do think it could?ve touched a bit more on 99designs and what that entire experience entails from start to finish.


Interesting how all of the visuals are of the food truck and city of Minneapolis, rather than the technology of Square. With less focus on the interface and technical aspects, the audience and potential customer can connect more with the story, allowing that to being the selling point over key features.


Love the clean look and feel of this story. A short video but still managed to engage, pull me in and explain well enough what Codecademy can do for me.

What are some of your favorite testimonial videos? Let us know in the comments below. Or, like what you see for your company? Get a project going?with us now.


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