4K Video Production in San Diego

We have mastered the techniques and challenges presented when working with 4K video, we first worked with 4K video in 2009. Having shot numerous projects, commercials, documentaries and more on the 4K video format we’ve worked out all the kinks and hurdles with this demanding format. We’re pioneers from a cost standpoint and created a special page with everything you need to know about working with 4K video. Our ever evolving and updated post production setup allows for state of the art camera technology to be used to the fullest extent.

In 2014 we went through a system wide upgrade to allow for RED digital cinema‘s Dragon camera upgrade, allowing us to produce and deliver images in 6K, which has 50% more resolution than 4K, without any production or post production delays.


Peter Harsch Prosthetics – Georgian Soldiers Video

TAR PRODUCTIONS recently went back to Peter Harsch Prosthetics HQ to video their newest group of patients. The Republic of Georgia sent a group of soldiers from the Wounded Warriors program to work with Peter Harsch perfecting the fit of their new prosthetic legs. For 2 days, world renowned physical therapist Bob Gailey worked the soldiers and the below video documents a part of their training. We produced a short video outlining their experience at Peter Harsch Prosthetics and working with Bob, including what they’ve learned and how far they’ve come in such a short period of time. It’s pretty incredible to see the drive in someone who wants something so bad that they will do anything. A quick insight into the shooting experience: most of the patients didn’t speak English. I asked one who did if I could get a portrait of everyone during a break at the field. Unanimously I heard uproar from them, seemingly all wished to not be on camera. Peter Harsch and I joked that it was a “no!” and I began to put my camera down, until one of them said, “No, it’s okay, you can take our portraits.” Towards the end of the video they all made each other laugh and we got some great candid shots, this overlays when Bob tells us how incredible it is to watch someone do something they once knew how to do, no matter how basic, is such a joy.

Attitude is Everything, a RED Epic Vision Video

They say attitude is everything. And on our recent Vision Video shoot with Peter Harsch Prosthetics that axiom proved to be true time and time again. We were working with all amputees, most of whom are military veterans with Purple Hearts. These guys know that attitude is always everything, and if you have a “I can do it” attitude you can get anything done.HMI Interview lighting setup

As with any Vision Video production you’ll always run into hurdles and obstacles that seem too big to get around, and this shoot was no exception to that rule. It seems the bigger the production, the more hurdles and obstacles you’ll face. After talking with the PHP team we quickly knew that we had a powerful story on our hands, and one that needed to be told properly in relation to the subject matter. Here are our main ingredients: wounded military veterans, elite athlete and good natured humans. What more can you ask for? We knew we wanted to shoot RED Epic because it would allow for precision and details, something that is very important when fitting a prosthesis. The Epic would allow for us to be diverse in our locations and let us capture the details in slow motion. We knew we would need two days to shoot to allow for proper time with each character- which would give us about a 1/2 day with each, not a lot of time so we knew we had to be quick. For lighting, we largely used LED light panels and bounce reflectors for speed. 

Prosthetics is an interesting medical field because you can attract patients from all over the country (and in PHP’s case, more recently the world). We had to interview several patients by phone, learn about their story, injury and life after losing a limb. It’s a deep conversation to have with someone whom you’ve never met in person, but these guys were all open and positive from the get go. None of them regret anything and they’re fine going into details about what happened. This is exactly how you can expect them to act when shooting interviews, so it was easy to build a story around.

We had our story set, our characters in place and equipment rented and check out. Then we got the phone call no one wants to get just before you hit the ‘record’ button. Blake was out, one of our 4 main characters. Blake was tied up in NYC and at the last minute was asked to be on the Today Show, an opportunity an Olympic athlete can’t pass up. (Blake won Silver in the 400 meters at the London games). We quickly had to picot and rearrange our entire shooting schedule and replace Blake. To add salt to the wound, our backups didn’t live in the area. Enter Levy. Levy, a relatively new amputee, actually chose to have both his legs amputated at his ankles. Dirt bike accidents piling up over the years left Levy essentially bound to the couch. Moving swiftly we arranged to meet Levy and get him ready for his interview.LED light panel fill lighting

The stories we learned from these guys, about Peter’s drive to find the perfect fit for each and every patient, to the sacrifices Eric and Daniel made for our country to Levy, who’s live is now back to the way it was after years of being crippled, are all incredible. You can watch the final edit here.  Next time you complain that your back or knee hurts, think of these guys. Making this Vision Video was so much fun, I think we gained more from it than anyone. Thanks PHP!


Welcome to the new TARPRODUCTIONS.com. We’ve relaunched, restructured and reorganized. We’re now operating more nimble, with the ability to move faster, act quickly and, most importantly, tell great stories. Read on to see why we’re one of the best in San Diego video production.


What’s New

We’re doing things a little differently now. We took a hard look at our process, what made sense, what needed work and where we could improve. We found inefficiencies that no longer made sense in today’s digital world. We were stuck in a dated process that actually cost us more to produce and slowed down the process, meaning that we had to pass along that overhead. Well, that’s gone! We have a new, improved and streamlined process. We’re doing everything in the cloud, reduced overhead and found a way to review edits and creative decisions where our clients can chime in when convenient for them.


Everything starts with pre-production, so we put a lot of time and thought into what helps us tell the best stories. We streamlined our Project Brief and made our process focus on story. We search for what makes a story unique? What is different about this story? Why should an audience care? This sets up the foundation for all other decisions made throughout the production process.


Many of our shooting decisions are related to the story we’re telling. Major decisions such as Where should we shoot this? What camera should we shoot this on? and How many crew personnel do we need? These decisions greatly affect how we shoot a piece.


We’ve revamped our post-production workflow. We’re now working on faster systems with better software integration. In short, we can access the material quicker and easier. And with our new pre-production workflow in place, we know the story we’re telling and how we want to tell it. All in all, this reduces the time required to finish a piece.


Our focus is on telling great stories, big and small. Sometimes it’s the little stories that have a great effect on the audience, that can make an impact and make you think more-so than a big production. Other times, big stories mean big ideas and cultural shifts. From small videos made for the web, to large international commercial shoots, we’ve been there. We’re a small business and we really enjoying getting to know our clients on a personal level. We’re humans, too, and we enjoy hanging out, outside of work. This also allows us to get to know you more and helps us tell your story.


We’ve reduced overall pricing and made it much easier to bring high quality productions to more businesses. This includes everything from our base package to our high-end “Cinema” package. How is this possible? It’s a combination of our streamlined process (as explained above) and the always advancing camera and technologies available at lower prices.


4K, or UHD (Ultra High Definition) was a hot topic at CES 2014. It’s not in the future, it’s here, it’s now. The availability to bring cinema quality video to small business is a huge step forward, and one that, until recently, wasn’t available to many outside Hollywood. For certain stories, shooting on high-end cameras and lenses are required and we’re happy to offer this as an option at breakthrough prices.


If you think you have a great story to tell or have a need for video or if you just want to chat, please get in touch. We love to talk shop and hear what the community is up to. With our new streamlined process and recent advancements in technology we can now bring a huge increase in production value to small businesses.