A great year indeed.

2014 finished with a bang and we’re really excited about 2015 – we have big plans and will be making a big push on numerous fronts. (more on that later).

I wanted to take a quick look back at some of the highlights for us in 2014. As many of you know it was a rebuilding year for myself personally and TAR Productions. I broke off a smaller agency that left me without anything. I literally had no clients, no projects, no direction with the exception of my supporting wife and our 5 week old baby. I had made two key decisions at the beginning of 2014- I decided to continue working under my initials and former moniker TAR Productions and 2) work with my wife who now handles all account and project management. The latter proved to be vital to our success and growth as a company throughout the year and we’re now poised for even larger growth moving forward. I define growth as moving forward towards your goals, not necessarily volume or revenue or number of employees. My goals are to build a community of talents experts who tell great stories and connect our customers with their customers.


We created an ad for Peter Harsch Prosthetics and took on explainer videos for Supramed. Looking back, we really have a knack for health and wellness, and both these projects are in the medical field.



We had another opportunity to work with PHP and their large batch of patients from the Republic of Georgia. It was incredible to see the strength and determination of these foreign wounded soldiers. Here’s the video:


We created a sales tool for Fidelity One, a capital group helping others reduced auto loans payments. I truly enjoyed working with the Gremsy G-Stabi again (we used it on the HouseCall video extensively). And since we’ve purchased our own DJI Ronin.



What an exciting month April was producing TEDx La Jolla. Looking back the event was a huge success. At the time, it was freezing on a rooftop in La Jolla and I was so busy during the production I couldn’t really take in all the amazing videos. Here are some of my favorites: Passion Conquers PoisonDestiny is a Decision, most of all Finding Freedom in facing Pain.


Warheads for Warped Tour. It was so funny being back at Warped Tour since I hadn’t been since I was about 16 years old and was in the mash pit listening to some of my favorite punk rock bands. I never thought I’d be using a RED Scarlet as an ENG package, but the results were incredible – despite the fact that it weighed over 15 lbs and I couldn’t move my back for a few days.




We had fun, as always at Culture Brewing Co., creating a short video on how they make beer. The best part about working with brewers is how passionate they are about their craft. They love to share techniques and talk details with fans and other brewers alike. I can’t think of another industry where secrets and knowledge are shared so much with the competition.

We also got hooked on drones this summer and had the awesome opportunity to work with Adrenaline Apparel and GoPro on something really unique. For GoPro’s training series we were asked to come up with something cool. So the idea that unfolded was that Adrenaline athletes would be practicing as they would on any given day, when the drone flies in and starts antagonizing them. The professional lacrosse players, being professionals, take aim at the drone and ultimately take it down. The money shot was impressive and the accuracy of these athletes was incredible. The antagonist ended up being the coach and the short video is a fun watch.




Earlier in the summer we had produced a video for Bellewether Beauty, a startup beauty company with a revolutionary makeup compact. I loved bring the creatively out of this company- they knew who they were, knew what they stood for and the impact they’re going to have on the market. We came in and brought this out in a series of candid conversations and had the amazing experience of bringing it to the screen and to life.

We traveled to Haiti and got to tell the story of growth, of fate and achievement.




October had to be the highlight of our year. Four years ago I got to tell an amazing story, one that would change myself as a filmmaker forever. I got to put a new spin on how we tell stories, how we bring that to life. And this year, that opportunity presented it self again with the same organization, Helping Haitian Angels. We traveled to Haiti and got to tell the story of growth, of fate and achievement. We’ll have an in-depth post on this soon.


We shot aerial photos of an amazing real estate project in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Using a drone for aerials work offers such an amazing perspective, it’s economical and very advantageous.