Making Kinetic Typography – Barney & Barney

One of the great things about kinetic typography videos is that you can do pretty much anything since you’re starting with a blank canvas. However, this also tends to be one of the most difficult parts- the blank canvas. When someone sees an all animated vector graphic (kinetic typography) video, they take it all for granted For starters here a quick list of all the elements contained in a kinetic typography video:

  • story
  • script
  • design (look/feel/mood, color palette, font(s), lighting and more)
  • blocking (what moves where, how it enters/exits frame, when, etc.)
  • animation
  • editing
  • music

When we set out to create something for Barney & Barney here were our requirements.
Top level: B&B has 40+ partners all selling something different, and it had to work for each of them independently.
New and Fresh: They are a 100 year old company. They and all their competitors market themselves very traditionally. Barney & Barney wants to stand out from the crowd.
Thought provoking: We had to present generalization, not specifics, that could get potential customers thinking about their own situation.
Dynamic: We had a point person responsible for all communication and feedback, although there were several others on the client side who shared thoughts and feedback.
After we had our script written, we went into design where the piece really starts to come to life. From there we started to think about unique ways each each scene can enter and exit, as well as connecting to the following scene. As the piece is building shape, and we picked out music track, we storyboarded out the entire piece, to give our client an overall feel for the entire piece.

Now the fun begins. We pulled our Illustrator files into After Effects bringing all the elements together. As always, our rough plan that was client approved was quickly challenged by timing and other factors. We had to make it work and always be adjusting and refining our ideas.
The final piece: