The “Vision Video” – Telling Your Brand’s Story

At the heart of what we do, whether it be branding, design, a website or a video, we’re telling a brand’s story. Sometimes we help create this story, other times we enhance it or take it in a new direction. Sometimes a brand has grown and it’s time for the story to evolve.

In video, we call this a Vision Video. It’s a short video that tells a company’s story – who they are, what they’re doing and why they’re unique, in the most vivid, memorable and creative way. But, what makes this video great? Or interesting? What makes me want to share it? At the heart of every great video is story. And, how your story is told is hugely important. Check out the video we shot for our Non-Profit partner Boys to Men and their major fundraising event the 100 Wave Challenge.

Here are some basics when considering a Vision Video.

Story First
Who is this story about? Characters are what make us emotional, feel for someone or uplift us and leave us feeling good. Remember, the main character can be a company or a thing, it’s not necessarily a person.

What is the character going through? Is there a conflict or an achievement? Whether it’s :30 seconds or 3 minutes, you have plenty of time to introduce a character, tell this story, and why, in the narrative.

We’ve created a system to find the interesting part of the story and be able to craft this into a visual narrative. Our process lets us get to the bottom of your story and keep this integrity throughout the production process.

The Essentials
There is a balance between having too much stuff and bringing with you the tools you need to assist in telling your story. Sometimes, the biggest, best camera is not only overkill, but it can slow you down when out in the field. Is it worth it to potentially miss an important part of your story because you were setting up? Not to mention, sometimes a big camera setup will intimidate your character, and leave us feeling uncomfortable. Some stories are fast paced and requires a light and fast camera and audio setup.

Other times, it might make sense for a big camera. If the story is more-produced and dramatic, it might require slo-mo or big lights to create extra drama. This is always decided after story.

Wrap Up
After more than a decade of producing videos, we’ve figured out what it takes to produce a quality Vision Video. Time after time we found that if we stick to these basic we can create great videos in an efficient manner. We know what equipment is needed to create, and get, that perfect story. We’ve found that if we can package these up, it not only makes us more efficient, but makes more sense for our clients, too.